Package Conda

Anaconda Cloud is a service that allows you to create and manage public and private conda packages in multiple labels.

Install Conda Packages

Install software from any user.

Every user has a default label which can be accessed with the /USERNAME url suffix:

conda install -c PACKAGE

Download secure private packages by logging in*

anaconda login
conda install -c PACKAGE

* You must first install the anaconda-client

Upload Conda Packages

You must first install the anaconda-client

conda build # Build your package
anaconda upload PACKAGE

Upload or install packages from custom labels.

That way you can test code without affecting your users.

anaconda upload conda-build/foo.tar.bz2 --label testing

# Install packages from the 'testing' label
conda install -c foo

Error: package foo does not exist in the main label
conda install -c foo

Fork packages from any other user.

You can guarantee that the packages stay constant.

anaconda copy wakari/flask/0.10 --to-label testing
conda install -c flask

Lock a label to prevent changes.

anaconda label --lock testing

Clone, create and freeze new repositories with labels.

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